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Are you aware of what you should do, and how to play better to advance to the next tier? If you are not, take advantage of PLAYREPORT to get an objective analysis of your soloQ matches. PLAYREPORT is a report that objectively analyzes your plays in several dimensions.

8 out of 10 users highly recommends PLAYREPORT
8 out of 10 decides to purchase
From Iron to Master
Open for everyone of all ages and gender
User's age ranges from 16 to 47
The number of users that have moved up their tiers after a month
Self-conducted survey results (May 2022)
Users that highly recommend purchasing the report
The percentage of strong recommenders from the survey (May 2022)
Reviews from actual users
It is a differentiated system compared to the existing caching contents. It was nice to have a quantified graph of my feedback, which was something I only had the options to listen to.
Bot ZeriPlatinum
I always thought that I was underperforming in mid game, but I got to know that I had my strengths in early and late game, and my mid game wasn't bad.
Top Cho'GathPlatinum
I was able to know my style of play. Being educated, I was able to change my play style.
Jungle & Support PoppyDiamond
Along with the final quest, the report notified where I was killed the most, which helped my play. It really helped since the suggestions on when and how to play was in numerical values
Bot CaitlynGold
You will be given the following details
Objective analysis of your play based on actual dataYour play style cannot be fully analyzed with subjective feedback from a game or two. PLAYREPORT provides an objective analysis with data collected from multiple matches
Diagnosis of my most played championTo improve your tier, you need full understanding of the champion you play. You will be able to fully understand how the players in your tier play this champion, and with that, you will be able to compare yourself to understand where you stand
Metric suggestions for improvement It is certainly difficult to excel in every play. Accordingly, we will suggest the most important metric you should focus on. With this information, you will have the knowledge to reach your goals to move upward to a next tier
What should I do for improvement?To improve your my tier, do I need to get more cs on the 10 minute mark? If you are a top laner, you should have 2 control wards placed before level 6, or not focus too much getting the turret plate gold. We provide suggestions on how to play for reaching your goal, based on your own play data.
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With the technology that YOUR.GG developed, you can get your entire analysis as soon as you complete your purchase. You now do not have to choose replays to send for spectator feedback, or wait for the actual feedback for hours. You can immediately get your play status of your most played champion when you want it.

Report format
Time by time play analysis
Comparison between summoners with higher winning rates
AI tier prediction
Customized mission for summoner
Where you were killed in late game
Suggested plays to complete your mission
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Platinum 4 Mid RumbleReached Diamond 4 after 5 weeks of purchaseReached Master after 10 weeks of purchase
Silver 4 Bot XayahReached Silver 2 after 4 weeks of purchaseImporved win rate 23%, contribution 15%
"It helps me improve my plays!"
"Acknowledged by Top Lane Legend Flame, PLAYREPORT(kr ver)"
Q. How many champs can be analyzed from a single purchase?With a single purchase, the summoner will be able to get an analysis for one champion
Q. Do you provide feedback from replays?We do not provide spectator feedback. We provide objective diagnosis from data based on multiple matches, not subjective, indivudal judgments
Q. How do I access the purchased report?You can view your purchased PLAYREPORTS in a message sent to your contacts or by clicking the PLAYREPORTS tab in your Summoner profile.
Things to remember
  • You need to complete more than 10 matches on a certain lane/champion for a report. (For example, Top Garen with a history of 10 matches can be analyzed; Top Garen 8 matches + Mid Garen 2 matches cannot be analyzed)
  • The 10 matches of a lane/champion need to be in a certain tier to be analyzed (For example, if other players using top Yuumi in silver/gold ranks have less than 10 matches excluding yourself, then top Yuumi cannot be analyzed)
  • If you have any questions, or requests on the report, please contact us on the
  • Currently, summoners above a Master tier cannot be analyzed.
  • Support analysis will be available soon
  • There may be champions that are not eligible for analysis for other issues